Tuesday, February 28, 2006



Likeucare.org is down while our new router is being potty-trained.

Please leave me some comments while I decide the fate of the ol' OS9 Server.
Let me know what you're missing from likeucare.org, or what changes you'd like to see, so that I can ignore them & do what I want anyway. thxbye
We love your blog. We can't figure out a name for our blog. We love homestarrunner..
you should call it Homestarrunner.net...it's Dot-Com!
iz this where u wanted comments?
(loosely translated from wookie: "there's a run in my stockings!!!" )
girl found dog 4h project
waz found yer blog
well you can't post pictures in the comments, but not many people know how to post pictures anyway. I could, however, make this a team blog so other team members can make posts to it.

also: it's spelled "wookiee", philistine.
I don't think I like comments in a separate window. I'm gonna change it & see how it looks.
Aw, man, El Guapo has the same page layout as me. I'd better get to customizing if I'm keeping this page.
I guess that wasn't waz. And I guess now you have your own personal el guapo....el guapo himself..
after searching a gazillion blogs i found yourz. i am missing the blackboard green text pukey thing, but like u care, you don't so do what cha want i'm moving to urlbeckistan anyway
please please please bring back likeucare so my link works again!
Understand, people, that likeucare 1.0 is OS9 Server-built! I can rebuild it, but can we move to the 21st century sometime? 2.0 means community-driven, open-source, hippie-dopehead tagged internets. Can't the Man host some of the content for a change while I rebuild on osX Server? I haven't reconfigured b/c I ran out of AC plugs. Promise to help me with DNS & I'll do it I swear, if you Care.

Everybody needs to be able to post though. But that's doable too, just ask.

p.s. I hate Flat Stanley almost as much as my taxes.

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