Friday, March 03, 2006


not THIS again

A missal from the Proud and Fat:

This Megazine hasn't been published in over 2 years. We suck. But we have purchased many containers of beer. Evil eye to be exact. And now, as a result of our killing of millions of brain cells, we are ready to commit to another issue of This... We are thinking of assignments, perhaps if you send enough submissions in now, we won't have to make an assignment. But we know you are fat and boring and old and married and have kids that are so important to you that being fun and interesting has fallen off your list of things to do.

Now I know the opposite of boring-crazygonuts. Jon F
draw a pig
and find out what it says about your personality
here's my pig
[COLOR=Indigo]Click to view my test results[/COLOR][/URL]
oops sorry that DIDNT work! try this link for my piggy: < a href="">
Yaya's Pig

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