Friday, March 10, 2006


SciFri: Abominable Crustacean

Science Friday:
Abominable Crustacean
"New" Lemurs in Madagascar
11 million year old Rodent species discovered in Laos
Squishy Hermaphrodites
Water on Enceladus?

p.s. Glaucoma is vAWESOME
make your own plush crustacean
please do not look at the code behind the curtain
FRIDAY MARCH 10th, FRIDAY MArch 10!, FRIDAY March 10!.

You haven't published anything since friday march 10th!

i am starting to give up hope on this like you care stuff

what the hell is going on out there in the world of the sewer gases?

we'll i'll tell you something then to gill you blog with

bj's is having a film fest but nobody has made a film yet so we are making a film on modern walking doll and editing it on a mac, to put on dvd, to show at the film festival. it is so exciting to be doing creative work again.

and tonight we are having chikcen with peanut suace and perhpas buildng marshmallow blow guns and flaoting cd hovercrafts.

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