Sunday, April 09, 2006


this entry shows a complete lack of commitment to the editorial standards of like you care. a one word sentence does not make a novel. beside, why do you need a cab? walk up those crooked san francisco sidewalks with their smelly sewers and coin begging bums, and half price hookers. there's some advice from someone who loves you baby.
A) There is a Lopez down the street that drives a cab in San Francisco. Just because you live in buttfuck nowhere NY there is no need to be so provincial in the face of cool exploratorium web 2.0 content.

2) Nothing interesting happened this week. Believe, me, I've read the internet, so I would know.

iii) You have obviously not shopped for hookers here lately. Our gas is more expensive too.

IV) It's been raining since 2005, so there are no sidewalk bums. They're all sleeping on the bus.

cinq) Would you like Deletion priveleges? Also, who else wants to post?

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