Sunday, April 09, 2006


Why pull instead of push?

On a dank and rainy day, much like the day I fell in love with your mother, I was surfing the Internet as an excuse the avoid doing the drugery work of Joe versus the Volcano, when I happenstanced upon a how-to article that involved PVC. Of course this immediately took me back to my days of chasing girls (called College) whence I would create homeomade bongs to smoke janga grass in, melding together pieces of pvc drain pipe and flexible rubber hoses with tin foil fire pits, etc etc (if you have a photo from the days, please post it).

Anywho, i made a mad dash to the bathroom, and once I was done purging myself of 12 turkey hot dogs, I drove to the local Value hardware store and procurd 1- 10 ft length of 3/4" pvc. Next to me at the pvc pieces shelf was a man with the biggest belly I've ever seen on a non pregnant possible male species, having trouble breathing, possibly his girdle was too tight.

$21.48 later I was the proud owner of pvc pipe and pieces, to which I hustled over to the republican's house, and proceed to engage the nintendo twins in a project of upmost importance: Scatter mini-marshmallows all over the house as fast as possible.

That's right, we build a blow gun to shoot marshmallows. Now I have to find some photos and show you how it was done. Until next time, toodooles...

I tried to get PVC at Home Despot, but they said that cold pills and paint thinner required ID, and I'm an illegal immigrant. Oh well! They wouldn't be tapping my phone if I hadn't done anything wrong. My bad!
Thus we see the asshole calling the kettle Republican...
i love marshmallows
you shouldn't shop at home depot, you should support the little guy, like chautauqua hardware. they will sell you duct tape with your pvc, so you can terrorist proof your house in the event of al kidah blowing a fart. plus the flaming lips buy their christmas lights there.
I actually shop at Disco Builders, not Home Despot. Radio Shack has my zip code, though. didn't you guys play there on your first tour?

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