Saturday, June 10, 2006


Good News

Flat Stanley sighted; back from California. He is currently in Fredonia at the Elementary School. We have yet to hear of his travels as the 3rd graders were catching bugs and creeking at Russell Joy Park on the day of his arrival. This is good news.

We need to see the whole adventure!!!
I too am curious what he has been up to...
Can you see this page?
Or this one?


if not, does someone have some web space to host the page?
Otherwise I think it's pretty important that you set something up that is anonymous & untraceable...

I'll miss you...
xo kt
I kin see it but it's the fool moon and i em drink
Wow! Word to your Mother!
HOT:til you use me up. p.s. never mind arab queda poor male shi'ia minister halliburton fuck whatever amen america security army reality thanks whatever amen
Mother is the word of the week...just the day I got my very cheap I heart mom shirt...

Pisces Horoscope for week of June 8, 2006
I dare you to call everyone "mom" or "mommy" this week. I'm serious. Pretend as if every single person you meet has the potential to give you some mothering. Expect the entire universe and everything in it to treat you with nurturing attention and thoughtful care. You may experience some disappointments along the way, of course. There'll be some people who don't quite understand the game or want to play it. But I bet you'll be surprised by how many lively folks do respond to your invitation to treat you as their lovable child, their winsome little babycakes.

I don't understand this. Ow my head.
Which Horseman of the Apocalypse IS that Stupid Bitch?!?
Just call me pestilence, 'coz I sure ain't famine.
please answer this question:
can you see
How about this one?

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