Thursday, October 05, 2006


15 years of married bliss

tonight marks 15 years of married bliss, I can't tell you how much fun it has been, I wish every one could be married, man and women, horse and trolley, etc. etc.

we look forward to 15 years of additional married bliss, as we wait for the death of our parents and inherit the insanity gene that has made our lives so much fun since that fateful day at the cafe of love, the spot in the basement of the williams center / campus center / smelly rat house.

and it all started with a salad with brown lettuce....

wow, that was a mouthful of chocolate. Thanks for the flowers.
what flowers? i thought that was soap! am I drunk or in love? It's not friday, so it must not be love. Remember Thursday nights? Watching the simpsons at the fridmanns and sitting on the roof with Smudge listening to the cats across the street having sex? Those were the days. the green tile bathroom, and the mac with the pasword of wazz. oh how i miss sweatbutt. that's it. i'm having my brain removed tomorrow at the dentist. this is to much reminiscing. cue kool and the gang
you forgot the best part of Thursday night, the BEER
NO, the best part of thursday nights was making love in ziggy's parking lot while listening to the byzon is pyzon cassette tape in the back of the pontiac firebird. oh wait the firebird didn't have a backseat. that means we were in the trunk.
You got it wrong, I wouldn't cheat on Mighty Taco, you know that.
yeah, back then they were hardcore, not the whimpy corporate body bag they run now, counting cups and all, but hey, we were pretty loose back then too, never wrapping our willie when we took it out ted nugent style, and the icon was the bomb, not the bombed out toilet bowl it is now. plus we had dippity doo and aqua net, and beer ball oger's and mopeds. now i gotta go erase all those emails I sent to my underage pages, and catch up on sex and the city reruns. oh yeah, don't forget the killian's irish red. and i thought tessa made that beer.
Tessa doesn't make that beer?!?

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