Saturday, November 04, 2006


San Francisco Values

2006 VOTE
San Francisco Values
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The Proposition Song
Another Song
Dick Cheney Hates You

Local Propositions:
Prop A: YES School Bond
Prop B: YES Teleconference option for pregnant supes/commishes
Prop C: YES Salary increase for elected officials
Prop D: YES Protect private information
Prop E: YES Parking tax increase
Prop F: YES Paid sick leave
Prop G: YES Limit chain stores
Prop H: YES Tenant relocation assistance
Prop I: YES Question time for the Mayor
Prop J: YES Impeach My Bush
Prop K: YES Housing for oldies

State Courts of Appeal: Confirm all Court seats
State propositions:
Prop 1A: NO Return transportation tax to cities
Prop 1B: NO Transportation bond pork-fest
Prop 1C: YES Housing Bond
Prop 1D: YES School Bond
Prop 1E: YES Disaster bond
Prop 83: NO Sex offender legislation
Prop 84: NO Water safety bond
Prop 85: NO Parental notification for abortions
Prop 86: NO Cigarette tax
Prop 87: YES Tax Chevron
Prop 88: YES School parcel tax
Prop 89: YES Campaign finance reform
Prop 90: NO Ban local regulation of businesses
Senate: Feinstein (D) (or Chretien (G))
House Dist. 8: Pelosi (D) (or Keefer(G))
Governor: Angelides (D)
Lt. Governor: Garamendi (D)
Controller: Chiang (D)
Treasurer: Lockyer (D)
Secretary of State: Bowen (D)
Attorney General: Brown (D)
Insurance Commissioner: Bustamante (D)
State Assembly Dist 13: Leno (D)
Board of EQ: Yee (D)
SF School Board:
1) Twomey
2) Kim
3) Maufas
(4) Vela)

Assessor: Ting
Public Defender: Adachi

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